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Dog Camp

A Fun Dog Camp for SMAll Canines

we accept dogs 30 lbs and under

Trust in our canine-friendly Sunbury, Ohio, dog camp to professionally care for your furry loved one. Christy's Camp Canine LLC offers rates that will keep costs low and provide activities for your dog! Contact us today at (888) 775-5484 to make an appointment.

We Play outside with the Dogs Three Times per Day and Water is Available at All Times

A Word From Our Camp Director, Christy Liimatta

"All of my life, I've dreamed of having a dog kennel that's welcoming for all dogs. I've designed my dog camp with this in mind. My dog hotel's spacious bunks and two large outdoor exercise areas provide all the room your dog needs for rest and activities. Because of the size of my dog camp, I can give your pet individualized attention and can honor special requests."

Woman Hugging Puppies

Activity Schedule
Arrivals & Departures
Playing, Swimming, & Hiking
Music Appreciation
Dinner (if Requested)
Arrivals & Departures
Outside Play before Late-Night Snack & Lights Out

Camp Bumblebee
(4) 10' x 7' Jumbo Runs
(20) 5' x 7' Runs

Call our dog camp in Sunbury, Ohio, at (888) 775-5484 for more details on our dog-friendly services.